Ethics and sustainable development

We are convinced that sustainable success requires the definition of key principles and their strict application by all of the company’s employees and associates.


As an international company, we respect and defend the human and cultural diversity of our staff. We ensure compliance with the rules of competition. Indeed, our employees and associates are regularly informed and made aware of the international and local regulations of competition law, which prohibit cartels and agreements between competitors, for example.


We are constantly listening to our customers’ and suppliers’ requirements concerning environmental issues and sustainable development.


We are committed to carrying out our activities while paying particular attention to two areas:

  • Reducing environmental impacts by supporting our customers’ choices of environmentally responsible logistics solutions involving multimodal transport methods (Rail-Road, Barge-Road). We are thus actively contributing to reducing CO2 emissions: the main greenhouse gas.
  • Involving our employees and associates in an internal environmental approach with targets concerning: purchasing, water, paper, waste treatment and transportation.